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Embrace Your Curves

 Introducing Busty Bae Couture for the Confident Woman

Here’s the truth: finding flattering, well-fitting and comfortable clothing doesn’t come easy for those with large breasts. While the fashion industry has slowly given way to different body types, sizing challenges still keep women with bigger cup sizes from finding good quality clothing that serves their demographic. It was time for a brand to step up and cater to the D-DDD cup sizes! Today, Busty Bae Couture is thrilled to introduce itself as the solution.

As an innovative apparel line created and manufactured in Los Angeles, Busty Bae Couture pieces are designed especially for busty women looking for contemporary and comfortable pieces for their wardrobe. With great care and focus on fabrics, designs, and details that support and enhance the fit of large breasts, Busty Bae Couture is here to revolutionize the way women dress and feel about their bodies.

How it Started 

After pursuing her passions in travel and the real estate industry, Busty Bae’s founder Laura Baca found a significant gap in the market when it came to clothing for those with a body like hers – a 5’2’’, 120lb woman with a DDD cup. The demand was there, so why wasn’t the clothing? Having grown up around fabrics and sewing machines, Laura knew she had the passion, expertise, and drive to create something special.

The Perfect Fit

Finding the right fit in clothing can be challenging in many ways – which is why the team at Busty Bae Couture has taken special care with their sizing. Their contemporary tops are designed to fit women with larger breasts and smaller waists, working to provide high-quality apparel without compromising on things like style and the perfect fit. To more accurately create garments for women in the United States, for example, Busty Bae started with samples to fit women 5’5’’ and size medium with DDD cups.  After all, all body shapes deserve to be celebrated just the way they are. 

Innovative Design and Comfort

Enlisting the expertise of a renowned designer with experience on runways and red carpets meant Busty Bae Couture could offer the best fit and support for their customers. Through this collaboration, the team was able to develop innovative pieces made with their clients in mind. Their blouses feature additional ruching in the cup area, while also being specifically made to fit the waist just right – no more extra fabric hanging around the stomach area!  Experimenting with different designs led Busty Bae to pieces that truly flatter the shape of large breasts and value the silhouette, while also keeping women comfortable throughout the day.

Fabrics for Support and Elegance

When it comes to fabrics, Busty Bae Couture has got you covered! Their blouses and skirts are intentionally made with thicker materials compared to standard clothing. This means they are able to provide the right amount of coverage while still showing off curves and feeling super comfortable. With handpicked fabrics that offer stretch and support, customers can move with ease and confidence, no matter what their day has in store. Style, elegance, and confidence go hand in hand at Busty Bae Couture.

Completing Your Wardrobe

Busty Bae’s inaugural collection consists of a range of blouses and knee-length skirts that can be paired to create stunning ensembles suitable for both office and cocktail events. It’s time for women to say goodbye to working around blouses that aren’t made with their bodies in mind!

Welcome to the Fashion Revolution

Busty Bae Couture is more than just a clothing line; it's a movement that uplifts and celebrates beauty. Innovative designs, tailored sizing, and carefully selected fabrics provide the comfort, support, and elegance that every woman deserves – just the way they deserve it.  The Busty Bae community invites all women to join in on their empowering journey and discover the newest destination for contemporary apparel that celebrates all curves. Embrace your beauty and radiate confidence at Busty Bae Couture. 
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